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Epipen headache not over
Failure to 'a' flag competitors an issue says Health.
Aust funds vaccine hunt
Minister puts up $2m for COVID-19 fight.
C-suite switches at Gilead, AZ
Top level movement as Novartis builds a new team.
PBS king Eylea keeps growing
On top of brand table but not sitting still.
What will fill Lantus cavity?
Over 300,000 scripts to move as Sanofi phases it out.
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Roche calls for new meds policy
Urgent need for change of direction as therapies change.
Yescarta wins MSAC nod
CAR-T gets green light but asking price slashed.
Which drugs will win in 2020?
PBS contests show some surprising new frontrunners.
Patients call for PBAC overhaul
Want access to submissions and right of appeal.
CSL begins $1b HQ build
First shovel in the ground for new site.
CSL changes tack on tax law
R&D plan not ideal but need for 'regulatory certainty'.
Novartis ups Gilenya defence
Allowed to amend disputed blockbuster patent.
Childhood cancers rising
Researchers expect 1060 new cases per year.
Slaves in your supply chain?
New reporting demands among legal changes.
Oz is third biggest trial locale
Only US and China ahead in trial numbers.
Will CAR-Ts break health budget?
Committee waves red flag as third CAR-T moves forward.
Approvals Action
First copy of Sanofi drug
Potential blood thinner competitor.
Top of the Hill
Ghost of PBS Future hovers
Medicines funding like a 21st century Dickensian tale.
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