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PBAC a lottery for rare diseases
High cost imposes 'picking winners' mentality sponsors say
Gen Z diabetes dilemma tackled
Aussie startup ready to rollout drug home deliveries
Arrotex hails biosim boost
Government pitches in with more biosim education
Eleven pharmas face inquiry
Time crush in evidence at parliamentary hearing today
Novartis in tit-for-tat battle
Cross-claim filed in case over blockbuster MS drug
CSL closes on gene therapy
Investing US$450 million in one-time haemophilia B treatment
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GSK's new govt affairs boss
Passionate about role of patient voice in shaping healthcare
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Victoria, NSW shape up over manufacturing plant
Science only goes so far
Business smarts key to climbing the ladder, med affairs folk told
Novo Nordisk bumps up team
Company expanding its footprint in diabetes and obesity
AZ boss in struggle over pay
Proposed bonus structure for Soriot described as 'obscene'
US, NZ back patent waivers
Policy shift flies in face of pharma concerns
Ken Frazier's Budget wish
CEO in media campaign urging govt to listen to company's pleas
Heartfelt pledge by Naumovic
Janssen MD releases world-first patient charter
Incyte drug on TGA fast track
Regulator backs list of new cancer therapies and uses
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Low dose Symdeko ticked
Along with one generic drug
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March 2021 PBAC outcomes
Less than a quarter of major new listing requests recommended