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Sanofi, BI sign off massive OTC swap
Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim have signed contracts executing the consumer for animal health business swap they have been working on since December last year, bringing major OTC brands into the Sanofi fold.
Gilead nears top PBS spot on hep C surge
The spectacular growth in PBS spending on new hep C medicines continued in May with Harvoni threatening to challenge Humira as the number one brand and Gilead becoming the second-highest earning company.
Global generics back GBMA IP stand
The International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association has joined the GBMA in backing changes to Aust's pharma IP regime proposed by the Productivity Commission.
RA danger in new immunotherapies
Cancer immunotherapies have been linked to new onset rheumatic disorders in a new study from Johns Hopkins University.
PBS testosterone rules contradicted
A new global consensus statement from experts on the treatment of testosterone deficiency contradicts PBS prescribing rules.
Arrowhead opens hep B trials in Aust
US pharmaceutical company Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals has opened a global clinical trial in Australia to evaluate novel HBV medicine ARC-521.
Qld woos biomed and pharma
The Queensland government is trying to woo biomedical and life sciences business with a discussion paper aimed at developing a roadmap for the sector.
Most Popular
Enbrel biosim reignites a-flag debate
Rheumatologists are already expressing concern over potential PBS a-flagging of MSD's etanercept biosimilar Brenzys because it will be a retail pharmacy product.
Reg chaos feared in wake of Brexit
The UK's vote to leave the EU could bring about regulatory chaos in a key jurisdiction that Australia relies on for guidance and example.
Biosimilar stakeholders meet to decide future
Medicines industry representatives, doctors, pharmacists, consumers and regulators met in Sydney on Thursday to map out the future of biosims in Australia.
Doctor meals lift branded Rx, study
In a finding that goes against aspects of MA's new transparency regime, a JAMA study says doctors who accept free meals from pharma are more likely to prescribe branded drugs.
Sandoz plans biosim barrage
Sandoz, Novartis's generic unit, is reportedly poised to almost triple the number of biosimilars it has on the market in the next four years.
GSK scores in Nurofen patent appeal
GSK should be able to continue selling Children's Panadol 1-5 years with its dispensing appartus after the Federal Court declared it was not in breach of a patent on the competing Nurofen product.
Avoid Drs with pharma links patients urged
Pharma critic Ray Moynihan is urging consumers to question whether their doctors take 'free meals' from big pharma 'and perhaps seek your care elsewhere if the answer is yes'.
Gilead's PBAC-bound HIV med wins EU tick
Gilead has scored marketing approval from the European Commission for a new HIV treatment that is scheduled for PBAC consideration next month.
BI trades Pradaxa cut for Praxbind access
BI has offered to almost halve the price ofPradaxa in a proposal to NZ's Pharmac that includes funding for its antidote Praxbind.
Approvals Action
New forms dominate registrations
A new progesterone product and a new formulation of antipsychotic quetiapine were the highlights of latest round of new medicine registrations.
Special Report
Election has ignored real pharma issues
Next Saturday's election will be a mere speed bump for the deep-seated medicines access and innovation issues that divide pharma and government. Whatever the result, a new focus will be required.
Open Forum
CSL speaks on advanced manufacturing committment
CSL Behring's general manager talks about advanced manufacturing and details how the company plans to become an international manufacturing powerhouse - from Australia.
Pipeline Monitor
RA drugs on top after congress
This week brought a flood of phase III outcomes, including exciting results for rheumatoid arthritis drugs plus filings and near approvals for others.
Working Life
Goodbye suit and tie
What exactly is 'smart business casual?'. This turns out to be a question many major pharmas are asking as offices relax into activity-based working and in- office staff bypass formal dress codes.
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