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Consumers cheer Code decision
The Consumers Health Forum is hailing the ACCC's imposition of onerous conditions on MA in return for authorisation of its new code of conduct as a victory for patients.
Industry attacked over trade pact
The pharma industry is being accused of using Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations to feather its own nest after a major Wikileak revealed details of recent talks.
Sildenafil OTC in NZ, how about Aust?
With New Zealand having down-scheduled erectile dysfunction treatment, sildenafil, popularly known as Pfizer's Viagra, the push is on for reforms in Australia to improve consumer access.
AbbVie-Shire split not the last play
Even before the US$55 billion AbbVie-Shire deal is stone cold dead, speculation has started about other targets for the two newly single companies.
Novartis secures MS drug trademark
Novartis has won a trademark opposition case against French company Obvieline over the registration of 'Synectha' after alleging it was too close to its own multiple sclerosis brand Synacthen.
New therapies win NHMRC grants
Australia's $6 billion medical research sector has received a welcome boost with $539 million in new funding for researchers and research institutions, including for new drug trials.
'Innovation to zero' is next big thing
Zero side effects and zero lack of efficacy are the new targets for innovation as big data comes into its own for the pharma business, says Frost & Sullivan's Rhenu Buller.
EMA parts with FDA on testosterone
Conflicting regulatory messages are coming out of the EU and US in relation to testosterone treatment, with the European Medicines Agency finding evidence did not confirm an increase in cardiovascular risk with the therapy.
ACCC approves Code with conditions
In a blow to Medicines Australia, the ACCC has put its foot down on transparency reporting, saying that it will require changes to the new Code to include disclosures of all relevant transfers made to healthcare professionals.
AbbVie dumps bid for Shire
The US government's move to discourage tax inversion deals has scored its first big victim with AbbVie dumping its US$55 billion proposed takeover of Shire.
GSK denies Apotex $67m pain market
GSK has won an injunction against Apotex protecting, for the time being, its $67 million sustained release Panadol brands, including Panadol Osteo, from generic competition.
Roche racks up another tidy quarter
Roche has confirmed its full year outlook for 2014 after reporting overall sales up five per cent, with pharmaceuticals increasing sales by four per cent due to strong oncology growth.
Pay pharmacists like doctors: PSA
In a "dramatic shift" away from the current remuneration model for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia wants them paid on a per consultation basis like doctors.
Survey finds over-use of pain meds
NPS MedicineWise is highlighting consumer survey showing that excess consumption of OTC pain killers - often bought in supermarkets - is not uncommon.
Guild rallies members as TVC starts
The Pharmacy Guild is calling on pharmacies to show a unified front by supporting its latest, multi-million dollar marketing campaign - due to start Sunday - saying it comes at a 'critical time for community pharmacy'.
First call to cut TGA meds scrutiny
TGA 're-assessment' of the safety of OTC and complementary medicines should be on the government's red tape chopping block following its move on devices, says the Australian Self Medication Industry.
AbbVie gets cold feet on Shire deal
AbbVie appears to be getting cold feet over its US$54.7 billion acquisition of Shire, following the US government's move to curtail tax inversion deals.
Pharma jobs an election issue in Vic
Victorian Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has placed pharma jobs front and centre of his pitch to win votes in next month's state election.
Anti-rep campaign dangerous: MA
A campaign to end pharmaceutical company rep visits to doctors being mounted by a group of anti-drug promotion activists is 'misguided and dangerous' says MA chair Martin Cross.
Future is better drugs, tougher payers
Drugs may be getting better but tough-minded payers and high prices mean the reimbursement challenge will only grow, even for the breakthrough therapies says a panel of pharmaco MDs and GMs.
PBS diabetes review at next stage
There's a clinical need in Australia for access to triple therapies for diabetes and a 'stopping rule' should be included on the PBS says the draft report of the PBS diabetes review.
Abbott sets out to clip TGA's wings
After signalling some weeks ago that he thought the TGA may be unnecessary, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is moving to effectively outsource some of its major functions.
New industry plan singles out pharma
An industry-led medical technologies and pharmaceuticals Industry Growth Centre is part of the government's Industry Innovation Competitiveness Agenda and has been welcomed by Medicines Australia.
Cloud over bioequivalence studies
The reliability of clinical tests used to win approval for generic versions of original drugs may bein doubt following a journal article that questioned statistical software used to assess bioequivalence.
Private cancer fund to plug PBS hole
A Cancer Medicines Fund has been launched by Rare Cancers Australia for patients with rare or less common cancers to plug a hole in the "flawed" PBS system.
CSL expands pain portfolio
CSL has signed a long-term exclusive licence and distribution agreement with Grunenthal GmbH for two prescription pain treatments - Palexia and Versatis.
'No PBS, no success' mindset is wrong
Companies need to get over their 'no PBS, no success' mentality because, if it's a step forward and the price is right, there's money to be made from a drug that isn't reimbursed says one senior pharma leader.
Political appetite for change: Sansom
Former PBAC chair Professor Lloyd Sansom says the political appetite is ripe for change in pharmacy as negotiations approach on the 2015-20 agreement with government.
Gilead to bring Sovaldi combo to Aust
Gilead's new hep C combo drug Harvoni, which does not require interferon or ribavirin, will soon hit Australian shores the drug maker says.
ASMI pushes to end S3 ad ban
The Australian Self-Medication Industry is calling for the TGA to relax the rules on promoting pharmacist-only medicines to allow DTC advertising as the default position.
CHF blames reps for off-label scripts
The CHF has strongly backed doctors seeking to end contact with pharma reps, alleging it leads to off-label and other inappropriate prescribing by GPs.
Industrial strife at PBS paymaster
The public servants' union has asked the Fair Work Commission for permission to run a protected action ballot in the Department of Human Services after negotiations over a new pay deal stalled.
PSA demands seat at 6CPA table
The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia says it has put considerable work into helping the Pharmacy Guild draft the 6th CPA and has a right to be at the negotiation table.
Sponsored research 'compromised'
An Australian funded study has again raised the spectre of industry sponsored research leading to bias in favour of drug makers with allegations that it is 'notoriously compromised'.
Sydney biotech enters hep C race
Sydney biotech Biotron is set to enter the hep C race with a new drug that has successfully cures HCV genotype 3 in mid-stage trials.
Tambassis will lead Guild-govt talks
George Tambassis will continue to lead Pharmacy Guild negotiations with government on the 6th CPA having been re-elected national president for the next three years.
Safety theme for Medicinewise Week
Drug safety is in the public spotlight this week as the NPS kicks off its annual Be Medicinewise Week by urging people to take stock of their medicines and learn how to get the most out of them.
Special Report
What ACCC wants from Medicines Australia
The ACCC may have approved MA's new Code of Conduct in its draft determination handed down on Friday but its changes to the proposed transparency regime have already been identified by the industry association as possible deal breakers.
Open Forum
Generic myths: a pharmacist view
In the public mind, generic medicines continue to battle the idea that they are somehow inferior to original brands, but the pharmacy is not the same as the supermarket says Professor Andrew McLachlan.
Pipeline Monitor
Amgen boosts Humira biosimilar
It's been a big week on the global stage for Amgen, which reported encouraging results from trialling a biosimilar of AbbVie's Humira and won early FDA filing acceptance for a new leukaemia treatment.
Working Life
Reps say manager's style is key to retention
Some 83 per cent of Australian pharma sales reps have considered leaving their jobs, often due to what they regard as poor management says a survey presented at last week's Eyeforpharma sales and marketing conference.
Approvals Action
Competition for PAH treatment
The TGA has approved a generic competitor for bioCSL's PAH treatment Flolan Kit while the Alcon division of Novartis has won approval of a first-time treatment for vitreomacular traction.
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