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Epilepsy drug tops generics growth
Anti-epilepsy drug levetiracetam, formerly Keppra, is the fastest-growing generic among the top 100 off-patent drugs on the PBS based on script numbers.
PsA market to grow 66 per cent
As UCB Australia and Janssen look to the PBAC to support new psoriatic arthritis indications, an international forecaster is predicting significant growth for the category.
Pfizer's OTC Nexium not far away
Pfizer's OTC version of AZ's Nexium is getting closer to market with the TGA issuing a public consultation for the drug's advisory statements.
Aspen won't lose blood-thinners hold
Aspen will continue to hold a big hand in the anticoagulants market in Australia, retaining the rights to Arixtra despite its US sale to major competitor Mylan, owner of Alphapharm.
New angle on reimbursement data
UK reimbursement authority NICE plans to access trial data from outside health technology assessment submissions if it feels pharmacos are not giving it what it wants.
Novo Nordisk, AbbVie top employers
Novo Nordisk and AbbVie had made it into the top 50 of BRW's Best Places to Work in Australia.
Pfizer still looking for off-shore deal
US analysts say Pfizer has no choice but to come up with some kind of tax reducing merger as it starts to run out of cost cutting options but US legislators are trying to cut it off at the pass
Pharmacists told to counsel patients
Enough pharmacists have got into trouble with the Pharmacy Board over insufficient counselling of patients when dispensing medicines to lead it to issue a general warning.
Alexion rejects 'Russian roulette'
Alexion has reiterated its rejection of government listing criteria for Soliris, with MD David Kwasha saying 12 month discontinuation is 'ethically and clinically inappropriate'.
Court allows ACCC's new Pfizer claim
The Federal Court will allow the ACCC to add its new predatory pricing allegation to the Pfizer case and Pfizer says it will meet the court timetable to file its defence.
Sigma beats PBS slide, claims top spot
Sigma Pharmaceuticals will leap-frog API to supply around 1200 pharmacies, and despite a flat PBS, posted strong 2.6 per cent sales growth to $1.5 billion for the six months to July 31.
Let Woolies, Coles do pharmacy: AMA
The AMA has ramped up its anti-pharmacy rhetoric, supporting Coles and Woolworths as providers of pharmacy services and attacking pharmacy 'protection'.
TGA given control of narcotics trade
As part of the government's move to rationalise functions, the Drug Control Section and the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling secretariat and have moved to the TGA from elsewhere in the DoH.
Bad publicity cut bisphosphonate use
Negative publicity appears to have driven down the use of anti-osteoporosis treatments, resulting in 'long term decline' says new Australian drug utilisation research.
Possible Alzheimers benzo link
Researchers are calling for benzodiazepne indications to be carefully evaluated after publication of a study linking their use with increased risk of Alzheimers disaease.
TGA keeps limit on decongestants
New advisory statements for OTC nasal decongestants won't extend advice on how long they should be used despite the wishes of Novartis and the ASMI.
NOACs fastest growing of PBS meds
Novel oral anticoagulants Pradaxa and Xarelto are showing massive annual percentage growth among the PBS top 100 earners, with Pfizer/BMS's Eliquis not far behind.
Health reveals Soliris restriction plan
The Department of Health has released details of how it proposes to resolve the impasse over the PBS listing of Alexion's Soliris but no details on when it will actually occur.
GP numbers steady, specialties grow
The supply of GPs per 100,000 of population is steady but the proportion of women GPs continues to grow while the supply of specialist doctors is rising but remains heavily male dominated.
Bayer to seek wider Adempas funding
With one Adempas indication approved for PBS listing, Bayer will roll the dice for a second as new overseas data reveals a high survival rate for patients with CTEPH.
Dutton hedges his pharmacy bets
Health Minister Peter Dutton has backed the community pharmacy model but also said he is keen to promote competition in pharmacy as agreement negotiations loom.
Sigma buys pharmacy discounter
Pharmaceutical wholesaler Sigma has sealed a $26.7 million deal to buy the Discount Drug Store banner, adding another 121 pharmacies to its network.
Rival stalks GSK's $73m COPD patch
Recently recommended for PBS listing, Novartis' COPD treatment Ultibro has come out ahead of $73 million rival GSK's Seretide in a new study.
Gilead's generic deals on hep C meds
As Gilead prepares a second PBAC reimbursement submission for Sovaldi, a new report reveals more on the company's global pricing and distribution tactics.
Viralytics adds former CSL leader
Sydney-based biotech Viralytics has appointed former CSL general counsel Peter Turvey, who has negotiated some big licensing deals, to its board.
PBS Snapshot
Cancer generics to suffer in October
PBS price cuts due in October will attack one of the last remaining areas in which generic companies have been able to increase their income from the PBS over the last year.
Open Forum
Lantus biosimilar approval heralds major change
The European approval of Abasria, a biosimilar for Sanofi's blockbuster insulin product Lantus, made by Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly, is a window to the future.
Pipeline Monitor
BI enters COPD combo lists
As other companies bring their new COPD combinations to market, Boehringer - threatened by change in the market - is stepping up development of its own.
Working Life
Sales still the pharma job engine
Despite Aussie pharma's sometimes gloomy outlook in the face of a slow growing PBS, sales jobs still dominate recruiters' advertising lists by a long way.
Approvals Action
Apotex eyes Lilly's $37m Alimta market
Apotex has taken the first steps towards competing for Lilly's $37.8 million market for lung cancer and mesothelioma drug Alimta.
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