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MA sends govt a cancer challenge
The government needs to be challenged on how it values new cancer drugs, especially as the benefits of these drugs are only realised over time, says MA.
Vioxx case over but leaves sour taste
The Federal Court has at last approved a settlement in the class action against MSD over Vioxx despite regarding it as much less than adequate.
ACCC not tough enough says CHF
The Consumer Health Forum says it's 'disappointed' with the ACCC's decision not to enforce reporting on food and beverage spending in the MA Code.
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ACCC clears Novartis, GSK restructure
The ACCC says the three-way Novartis and GSK restructure can go ahead in Australia after close liaison with overseas corporate regulators.
Actavis to morph into Allergan
Actavis says it will take on the Allergan brand across the board once its buyout of the Botox maker is through the works.
2015: another big year for buyouts
Last year set a new benchmark for pharma M&A and expectations are that 2015 could go the same way if pricing problems don't put a brake on investors.
PBS sustainability concerns 'bogus'
Public health activists claim the government's PBS sustainability concerns are not credible in the context of its approach to the TPP free trade pact.
Health points to F1 script cost surge
The Health Department has used Senate Estimates hearings to say that although average PBS script cost may be down, meds on F1 are surging.
Year kicks off with lift in PBS numbers
PBS benefit figures for January 2015 are significantly up on the same time last year with several million more scripts being pushed through the system.
Symbion helps EBOS beat PBS reform
Australian businesses Symbion and Chemmart have contributed a strong sales lift to owner EBOS, which is now on the lookout for further acquisitions.
Pharma veteran in NPS chair
Peter Turner has been appointed as chair of NPS MedicineWise, after having been on its board since December 2012.
Central data a Code sticking point
The condition that all Code of Conduct transparency reports should be held in a central database remains a bone of contention between MA and the ACCC.
Sunshine doesn't scare Drs away
In an indication of doctor behaviour under a personal disclosure regime, US research shows a majority has not curtailed engagement with pharma.
Pharmacists push MPs on 6CPA
Pharmacists have been flocking to Canberra to secure political support for their negotiating position on the next pharmacy agreement.
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Lipitor failure should give ACCC heartburn
The failure of its case against Pfizer is a blow for the ACCC. Not only did it fail to prove its allegations but Pfizer's successful contention that the watchdog made a basic legal mistake is embarrassing.
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New filings from Roche, Pfizer
Roche's Genentech arm files a new combination treatment for melanoma and Pfizer puts forward Rapamune in rare lung disease.
Special Report
Biological blockbusters on the block
Last week the GMiA hailed the EU launch of Hospira's biosim for Janssen's Remicade. It's just one of many signs that the next patent cliff - biological blockbusters - is almost here.
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