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Australia's most trusted source of pharma news

About Pharma in Focus

Pharma in Focus is Australia's premier independent pharma industry news service.

We deliver up-to-date, in-depth news coverage, analysis and opinion straight to your desktop twice a day each week, covering the whole pharma sector, both prescription and non-prescription in Australia and New Zealand.

Who is Pharma in Focus for?

  • People in all pharmacos, including:
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Medical
    • Regulatory affairs
    • Communications and media
    • Strategy and planning
    • C level executives
  • People in businesses that serve pharma, including:
    • Public relations agencies
    • Advertising agencies
    • Market researchers
    • Medical media
    • Financial analysts
    • Lawyers
    • CROs
  • People in organisations that relate to pharma, including:
    • Government departments
    • Non-government organisations
    • Research institutes
    • Biotech ventures
    • Industry bodies

How will I benefit from Pharma in Focus?

  • Pharma in Focus will:
    • Save you time
    • Save you effort
    • Keep you in front
    • Put you in control

How does Pharma in Focus deliver these benefits?

Pharma in Focus is your one stop shop for pharma industry intelligence.

  • We cover:
    • Government and the Bureaucracy
    • Regulatory and Legal Affairs
    • GP, Specialist & Pharmacist Activities
    • Marketing, Media & Corporate Affairs
    • Employment
    • Industry & Research (including Biotech)
  • We talk to, quote, publish and keep tabs on:
    • Heavyweight regulators
    • Industry leaders
    • Top bureaucrats
    • Marketing gurus
    • Conference speakers
    • Leading researchers
    • Government ministers
    • Recruitment experts
  • We deliver:
    • News
    • Analysis
    • Comment
    • Every working day
    • PLUS breaking news updates

How do I get Pharma in Focus?

We email Pharma in Focus straight to your desktop twice a day.

You can choose the News Alert only service (free subscription) or the News Alert with Full Text (paid subscription).

The News Alert only service delivers:

  • News headlines
  • Single paragraph story briefs
  • Update on industry staff movements
  • Job listings
  • Commercial services directory

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The News Alert with Full Text delivers all the above plus:

  • Full length news stories
  • Breaking news updates
  • In-depth analysis of industry issues
  • Commentary from industry leaders
  • Advisory features written by recognised industry experts
  • Full archive search facility covering hundreds of Pharma in Focus articles
  • Email to a colleague for individual articles

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Who's behind Pharma in Focus ?

Pharma in Focus is published by Lush Media, Australia's premier online, business to business publisher for the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors.

Along with it's companion business units, Pharma in Focus Jobs and Pharma in Focus Research Insights, Pharma in Focus is produced by a dedicated team of researchers, writers and editors with specialist pharma industry expertise who track the news daily, conduct in-depth research on key issues and keep tabs on a vast range of active industry, regulatory and economic contacts.


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