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Special Report
PBAC's 2104 performance: good year or bad?
How many submissions did PBAC see in 2014? What kinds were dominant? How many succeeded, how many failed? Who put in the most submissions? Part one of our analysis of PBAC performance for 2014 shows the number and fate of all drug submissions from the year.
Exclusive Interview
Pharma changes mean broader role for CROs
In this exclusive interview, Quintiles global CEO Tom Pike discusses the changing role of contract research organisations in partnership with pharma and biotech, big and small.
Pipeline Monitor
Liraglutide recommended for weight loss
Although it has been unable to win a PBS listing for its initial indication in type 2 diabetes, Novo Nordisk's liraglutide has won a recommendation from the EU's CHMP for a new indication in weight loss.
Approvals Action
Lilly joins GLP-1 crew
Eli Lilly has won approval for once-weekly diabetes treatment Trulicity, joining Novo Nordisk and AstraZeneca in having GLP-1 drugs on the Australian register.
Special Report
Cancer drugs at a crossroads
This year will be an important one for the future of cancer drug reimbursement in Australia with a Senate inquiry into the availability of new therapies due to report in March while the PBAC continues to see more and more cancer options submitted for public funding.