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Open Forum
Wrong ideas about drug costs need to change
Merck chief medical officer, Michael Rosenblatt, says much of the recent press about high prices for new drugs has taken a narrow view of the topic and demands a broader perspective.
Pipeline Monitor
Psoriasis battle heats up
Novartis' Cosentyx is shaping up as serious competition for Janssen's Stelara in psoriasis while CSL has filed a new long-acting haemophilia treatment in the US.
Working Life
Naughty or nice? Workplace wish lists
What do pharma staff want most with their jobs? Find out what's on the wish lists of various job sectors - and what's not.
Approvals Action
Pharmacor targets antipsychotic market
Generics maker Pharmacor is taking aim at the $95 million market for antipsychotic olanzapine with the registration of three new brands in four dose forms.
Special Report
Top stories of 2014
The last 12 months have seen interesting times for Australian pharma as the PBS remained under pressure from cost cutting while industry, patients and clinicians lamented continuing slow access to important medicines but for Pharma in Focus readers, it was events inside the tent - especially around employment - that proved the most compelling.