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Working Life
Are you a slave to technology?
According to a recent survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Microsoft, 76 per cent of us use a smartphone and 45 per cent use a tablet. Does this mean technology is taking over our working and private lives?
Approvals Action
Actavis boosts Crestor followers
Actavis has added a number of new brands to the already long list of competitors for the $300m rosuvastatin market.
Special Report
Are diabetes drug makers leaving Aust behind?
The type 2 diabetes market is crowded but the sheer size of the epidemic and its projected growth mean that more new medicines keep coming. Is Australia falling behind?
Open Forum
Undecideds loom large in MA disclosure survey
Medicines Australia's doctor opinion poll on disclosure of value transfers has been presented as a strong endorsement for the new Code of Conduct but if undecideds swing the wrong way, the result could be problematic.
Industry data: is it worth the price?
At least 14 companies offer wholesale data to the Australian pharma industry with some pharmacos investing seven figure sums annually on data purchases. We're asking what industry thinks about the value of these services.
Pipeline Monitor
New options for weight loss
Weight loss options for obese patients have been increased by approval of two new weight reduction brands from Takeda and Novo Nordisk.