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Special Report
Aussie pharma market data: worth the price?
We asked market data users in Australian pharma for their opinions about the data they use and the providers who bring it to them and found some surprising, and some not so surprising, results.
Pipeline Monitor
Psoriasis market set for change
Novartis' first-in-class psoriasis drug secukinumab has been unanimously supported by FDA advisors while Celgene is celebrating encouraging results from its new Crohn's disease treatment.
Working Life
Social media profile, job friend or foe?
In a world of social media where people are continuously connected through their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts, how careful do pharma employees and job hunters have to be?
Approvals Action
First competitors for $56m Pfizer drug
Apotex has registered the first generic competition for Pfizer's antidepressant Pristiq while AbbVie has a new prefilled syringe for Lucrin Depot.
Open Forum
Generic myths: a pharmacist view
In the public mind, generic medicines continue to battle the idea that they are somehow inferior to original brands, but the pharmacy is not the same as the supermarket says Professor Andrew McLachlan.