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Pipeline Monitor
New options for weight loss
Weight loss options for obese patients have been increased by approval of two new weight reduction brands from Takeda and Novo Nordisk.
Industry data: is it worth the price?
At least 14 companies offer wholesale data to the Australian pharma industry with some pharmacos investing seven figure sums annually on data purchases. We're asking what industry thinks about the value of these services.
Approvals Action
Sanofi registers new Hib vaccine
Sanofi has registered a new DTP and Hib vaccine while Apotex has been busy on the OTC front.
PBS Snapshot
Cancer generics to suffer in October
PBS price cuts due in October will attack one of the last remaining areas in which generic companies have been able to increase their income from the PBS over the last year.
Open Forum
Lantus biosimilar approval heralds major change
The European approval of Abasria, a biosimilar for Sanofi's blockbuster insulin product Lantus, made by Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly, is a window to the future.
Working Life
Sales still the pharma job engine
Despite Aussie pharma's sometimes gloomy outlook in the face of a slow growing PBS, sales jobs still dominate recruiters' advertising lists by a long way.