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Pipeline Monitor
Takeda files Velcade successor
Takeda's filing of oral multiple myeloma treatment ixazomib has been accepted in Europe while Novartis has won US extension of Promacta.
Special Report
Your guide to the November PBAC
The PBAC will consider 33 major submissions including 18 for new listings when it next meets in November. See the full agenda, sorted by indication, inside.
Working Life
Trust an issue for pharma recruiters
Pharma in Focus researched pharma company employees this month regarding their use of recruiters, both to get a job and to employ staff. This is the first of a two-part Working Life feature based on this survey, with this week focusing on using recruiters to get a job.
Approvals Action
Flu, antifungals, allergies and biosims
During a quiet week for new prescription medicine registrations, GSK has won approval for a needleless administration system for flu vaccine Fluarix Tetra while new antifungal and allergy brands have appeared on the OTC list.
Special Report
Inflectra not the only game in PBAC town
Although a positive recommendation for Inflectra has been the focus of attention on Friday's PBAC outcomes, the meeting made other important recommendations as well as rejecting a number of contentious submissions. Here's the list of outcomes sorted by submission type and indication.
Open Forum
Australia must agree on biosimilar approach
With the PBAC opinion on Remicade biosimilar Inflectra due today, Dr Greg Pearce writes it is in everyone's best interest to think beyond sectional interests and foster a sound approach to biosimilar medicine market entry.