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Open Forum
Senators show Grattan up
The Grattan Institute has emerged from this week's Senate committee hearings with some dents in its reputation after its latest PBS price cut claims came under harsh scrutiny.
Pipeline Monitor
New US approvals in MS and insomnia
A first in class insomnia drug, a fortnightly injection for MS and a potential biosimilar competitor for Sanofi's Lantus have won approval from the FDA.
Working Life
Welcome to the world of the medical director
The role of medical director is vital to the success of any pharmaco but it requires both medical expertise and, increasingly, a commercial focus, writes Karen Keast.
Approvals Action
Competitors for vertigo treatment
Meniere's disease treatment betahistine, originally registered by Abbott as Serc, has a slew of new competing brands thanks to Generic Partners.
Special Report
Pharma's future: old questions, new surprises
The pulse of pharma may be strong but there's no harm in an occasional health check and this one found plenty of differing views about where industry is headed over the coming decades.