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Open Forum
Sovereign question at heart of red tape review
The question of how much the government should give up of its sovereign right to decide which medicines come to Australia and how they come is emerging as central to the medicines regulation review.
Special Report
Cancer drugs at a crossroads
This year will be an important one for the future of cancer drug reimbursement in Australia with a Senate inquiry into the availability of new therapies due to report in March while the PBAC continues to see more and more cancer options submitted for public funding.
Pipeline Monitor
New DMARD alternative
The European approval of first-in-class Otezla from Celgene brings a new alternative to psoriasis patients for whom disease modifying antirheumatic drugs are not enough.
Approvals Action
Aust first to approve Cosentyx
Novartis' new psoriasis therapy Cosentyx has arrived on the ARTG ahead of anticipated US and EU approvals while Dr Reddy's has registered the first competition for MSD's triple osteoporosis combination Fosamax Plus D Cal.
Special Report
International pharma on a roll for 2015
After being the gloomiest of all international industry sectors last year, pharma and healthcare executives' business expectations for 2015 have bounced back to earn them the 'most positive' award for 2015.
Special Report
Massive March for PBAC
In a packed agenda for March 2015, the PBAC will be faced with numerous major decisions including the return of breakthrough hep C blockbuster Sovaldi and a rash of new cancer drugs. Here's your complete guide, sorted by submission type and indication
Special Report
November PBAC in generous mood
The PBAC appears to have been in something of a generous mood at its November meeting, approving 19 of the 26 major submissions that it considered out of an original 31 listed on the meeting agenda released in August, and playing Father Christmas to Bayer in particular.