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Approvals Action
Janssen's Imbruvica arrives
Janssen will be celebrating TGA approval of its leukaemia treatment Imbruvica while Sanofi has registered a number of alternative brands for Renagel.
Special Report
Positives outnumber negatives from March PBAC
Positive recommendations outnumbered rejections from the March PBAC meeting with 19 major submissions given the go-ahead, 12 knocked back and three deferred. Full results inside.
PBS Top Five
Dermatology - Psoriasis drugs dominate
In this new regular feature, we analyse the PBS market by market with the focus on F1 drugs. Inside you'll find the top five dermatology brands, the top five companies in dermatology and the fastest growing brands and companies by both value and volume with growth rates and PBS on-patent dermatology market shares.
Pipeline Monitor
Keytruda in lung cancer bid
MSD's Keytruda, just approved for melanoma in Australia has been filed in the US as a treatment for lung cancer.
Working Life
Money or progress? Survey shows pharma's gender split
Pharma has a gender divide when it comes to asking the big questions around salary, career advancement and flexible working as your answers to our HR survey show.